Making the Formal informal

Your wedding day is a big part of your story, as you embark on your lives together, and my approach is act as a pictorial storyteller. Wedding photography is all about capturing the happiness and natural emotions that can’t be staged.

For me wedding photography is all about capturing the joy and antics of the day in an informal manner. The whole day is part of your story, and my approach is to act as a storyteller in a photo journalistic style, which means I capture those natural emotions and interactions that can’t be staged.

Your wedding day is beautifully ephemeral and your photographs should capture the essence of what’s most important to you. When you flick back through your wedding photographs on your anniversaries, I want you to smile at a candid moment that may otherwise have been forgotten.


My camera clicks away at the moments between the formal group photographs, these are often the moments of the day which are forgotten, but the camera can freeze and preserve them.

Photographers should ‘be seen and not heard’. I believe that my role in your day is to be unobtrusive. It’s  your day to share with your guests and my promise is that neither you nor they will have to worry about the photographer. I’m here to help you cement your wedding memories.


This doesn’t mean that you will be saved from a few posed photographs, but they will be relaxed and I photograph away just before and just after the formal pose to record those moments when everyone is off-guard thus capturing the natural interaction between the groups.  


I usually like to remain until the first dance, however, this is your day and if you need me to stay a bit later then I can be very flexible.


If you would like to know more about how my photography can help capture your wedding day, please get in touch.









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